Ali Jacko Bio-Data

He was born in England 6th May 1969, brought up between Bangladesh and currently lives in England . He’s from and has studied in Bangladesh for six years.

Home Address : Bangladesh
Vill: Pai Gow PO: Jawer Bazaar PS: Chhattok DT: Sunamgonj

His father's Name: Late Mohammed Chamak Ali.
He is the (WKO & WKN) World FC Kickboxing Champion.

Titles Won: 

  • 5 x B.I.K.M.A British FC Championship in Dec 90
  • 1 x W.M.O European FC Championship Feb 96
  • 2 x W.K.O World FC Championship May 96,97
  • 1 x WKN World FC Inter-Continental Championship 3 rd Oct 99
  • 3 x W.K.N World FC Championship Jun 99,20,02

Ali has competed all over Europe and the World including, South Africa, Russia , U.S.A, England and Wales etc. He is the first Asian (Bangladeshi) to win British, European, Inter-Continental and the World Full-Contact Kickboxing championships. Ali has an enormous fan following in the World of Kickboxing from all different communities, all over the country especially amongst the younger generation. His World Title Fight was the main event of one of the largest Kickboxing shows ever to take place in England or Europe . Ali is one of the most popular fighters in the recent history of this country, outselling any other fighter in England or Europe

It has always been Ali’s dream to go to his own country and stage a Kickboxing show in front of thousands of Bangladeshi’s, and millions who will be watching around the world. He quotes "We are small in size but we are not weak in strength", we just need the right guidance and support to go forward in the most advance-sporting World today.

He proclaims, I am an ordinary Bangladeshi! but like every other human being in the Universe, I just took my dreams forward to reality and become the World FC Kickboxing Champion. I am sure that there will be more Bangladeshi Boxing and Kickboxing Champions. His manager Eddie Dujon is a former British Kickboxing Champion himself. He has over 25 Champions in his gym, ranging from heavyweights to featherweights, he coaches both men and women and as club founder he manages and trains every single one.

On 26 May 1996 Ali won the World championship at "The Island" in Ilford, in front of a sell out crowd. This turned out to be one of the most spectacular shows that the Kickboxing World has ever seen. Thousands of people was left with the disappointment of not getting a ticket. The show was completely sold out. Fans and supporters coming from as far as Europe , and Ali’s personal friend Salman Khan the Bollywood super star came all the way from India to England specially to see him fight.

JKO Promotions:

D.O.B Language Weight Eye Colour Waist  Chest
06-05-69 Origin: British-Asian/Bangladeshi English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu Height: 5’10"  60Kilo’s Dark Brown Shoe Size: 7/8  29":   40"
Hair Colour  Sex Collar Inspiration Heroes  
Black  Male 
 16" Legends Such as:- Robbindranath Tagor & Kazi Nazrul Islam. Muhammad Ali, Mel Gibbson, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley  



  • Black Belt in Kung Fu (Shaolin Fist).
  • Black Belt in Chinese Boxing (Wu Shu Kuan). 
  • Black Belt in Kickboxing 3 rd Dan (Ju Jit Su ). 
  • Freestyle BMX Schoolboys Champion.
  • Played Football Joiner League.
  • July’90 won the (B.K.B.M.A) British Light-Weight Kickboxing Championship, February’96, won the (WUMA) European Light-Weight Kickboxing Championship. May’96 (WKO) World Light-Weight Kickboxing Championship. Defended the World (WKO) Kickboxing Title for the 2 nd time December 1997.
  • Achievement Award given by Tower Hamlets Council and the Lord Mayor.
  • Founder & Director General of BLRSAF
  • Director General of CA Foundation Charity to help poor people in Bangladesh.
  • Director General of Notun Din Weekly News paper UK


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