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Ali Jacko was brought up in England but it has been his ambition of life to offer something to Bangladesh in order to repay the debt he owes to his mother country that bore him in the first place. He nourishes this dream ever since his childhood. With this overwhelming sentiment he agreed to defend his coveted World Title in Dhaka without any consideration to financial gains that would have been many times lucrative had it been staged anywhere in Western countries.

We are confident that with this event being held in Bangladesh international media would descend here to follow the world title fight and thrust the whole country into international limelight and it would be a giant leap forward for Bangladesh . Bangladesh being a Star-Starved country would be catapulted overnight as a sporting nation in the world and be inevitably benefited innumerable ways. It would enhance the image and standing of Bangladesh in  the comity of nation and raise the profile of the country in the sporting arena. It would inspire younger generations to follow the footsteps of Jacko Ali who would remain as a role model and an idol to many millions of sporting crazy fans in Bangladesh who among other things loves ceremony and celebration in the absence of any form of common entertainment. In the history of any nation there are some heroes whom we revere in our hearts and follow them in our hour of crisis. As Bangladesh is going undergoing a transitional period especially with millions of youth who are going through a psychological crisis of confidence as to the hopes and aspirations of their lives Ali Jacko is one of our few internationally known heroes who could act as a catalyst to enthuse and motivate our youth to the right direction, and create an aura of excitement and a momentum that would herald a new dawn of renaissance and renewal reverberating over many generations. This would inspire younger people with new vigor and zeal to pursue a new career and to excel in the sporting field thus harnessing untapped human energies and talents in a creative manner that would only help Bangladesh to find its rightful place in the world-sporting arena. Ali Jacko could be a source of inspiration to many millions of youth in Bangladesh and instrumental in establishing an institution for martial art and boxing/sporting activities through a network of clubs and schools which would provide trainings and lessons to those thousands of youth who otherwise would be going astray and could be involved in some undesirable activities. It would generate new awareness among the international community about Bangladesh who would immensely be benefited for many years to come both financially and economically from the heightened world media interest and would leave a positive lingering effect on the socio-economic conditions of the country. Moreover because of perennial Indo-Pak tension, perpetual animosity and the present threat of first nuclear war between them, foreign investors could be cajoled and interested for Bangladesh as a potential alternative investment  location. As the country faces no such a perennial threat of war from neighboring countries Bangladesh having a homogeneous socio-politics structure could provide a safe heaven for overseas investors. This event will bring the country into limelight and earn prestige and respectability in the eyes of international community. With international media interest focused  on the event Bangladesh will enjoy unparalleled attention that has never happened in its sporting history. 

We have made preliminary contacts with some of the officials and peoples representative of the both Bangladesh and British governments and are pleased to say that they have shown encouraging interest to our idea. We take immense pleasure announce that the President of Bangladesh Dr A Q M Badruzduza Choudhury will launch the event as a chief guest and the legendary former world heavyweight boxer, sportsman of the last century and a famous citizen of Bangladesh (citizenship conferred on him by late President Ziaur Rahman) Mohammed Ali  Clay will also attend the fight as a special guest. We are in touch with the office of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, Member of Lords Baroness Pola ManzillaUddin, London MP Ms Una King and we are delighted to say that we have their blessings and some of them will visit Bangladesh to attend the fight. Other dignitaries and VIPS from different part of the world will also join the event. The name of the VIPs will be announced as the event unfolds and we come nearer to the event itself.

It is worth mentioning that boxers from other parts of the world will take part in the event to defend theirs individual titles for different levels of fight. We shall be flying boxers from England , French, Italy , Holland , Turkey , USA , Russia , Romania , and Czech Republic , Jamaica , India , Pakistan , Indonesia and Malaysia to take part in the fight. Local fighters from Bangladesh will also take part in the non-title fight.

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