Against all the odds after having so much problem with the Bangladesh boxing federation secretary M.A. Quddous Khan who is totally against bring any boxers to UK and made my life hell. Even after being accused with false human trafficking, and Extortion cases. I was determine to show the people of Bangladesh and the west that Bangladeshi boys from Bangladesh can compete in the international sporting arena.

Having backing from a long time friend Barry Hearns of Matchroom Promotions. I personally decided to bring only one boxer instead of 6 boxers that I initially selected.

Suro Chuckma, is a native Bangladesh even though he may not look like one. I believe he has the right pedigree to become what needs to be done. From my part I will do whatever it takes to make him into a boxer of the potential he has the rest will be entirely up to him. I am confident that he has the right attitude, the heart of a fighter and also the determination of becoming that special one.

June 2015, Suro Chuckma arrived on a sports training visa, and after a week's rest and to clematises with the weather. he was in training in Peacocks full time with Andre Olly under the super vision of myself and Martine Bowers the owner of rewound Peacock Gym. Fighters like Frank Bruno, Hollyfield, Prince Naseem Hamed, Floyed Maywather and many more trained before international fights in London.

after 6 weeks of training Andre & Martin are very impressed with his abilities and his improvement. hope fully in next 4 weeks time British Boxing Board Of Control will approve his Boxing Licence. Having a British Boxing Licence itself will be history itself.

Sura Chakma (Boxer)

Brief History:

  • Bangladesh National Champion 2014 Gold Medal
  • Bangladesh Games 2013 Gold Medal
  • Victory Day 2012 Gold Medal
  • Bangladesh National Champion: 2010 Silver Medal
  • Independent Day Games 2010 Gold Medal
  • Commonwealth games in Scotland 2014

Mothers Name: Sarana Chakma & Father Name: Gyana Chakma

Village: Moddo Balukhali Post Office: Jurachri District: Rangamati Country: Bangladesh

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