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September 2015 - Jacko Rebooted

Jacko has been busy penning lyrics and writing music, this might seem a massive departure from his high energy and very successful boxing career but inside the sportsman was a singer fighting to get out. A performer with a different stance and a different point of view one that will be expressed through his own music. His family and closest friends can’t believe that he can sing and Jacko has to take a step back to take in how much of the dream is already being realised.

Watch out for the release of Jacko’s EP in November 2015 - it might just rock your world!

Jacko’s drive, enthusiasm, passion and talent is instrumental in us agreeing to work with him on the next stage of his career. Kinetic is cantered around a visceral understanding of people - and we're saying Jacko is a person to watch out for!

Kinetic are proud to be working with Jacko..!

Illy Jaffar - Managing Director, Kinetic
“Connecting People, Connecting Brands”

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